Kana Trainer

Kana Trainer 0.2

A handy app to practice hiragana and katakana


  • Includes a Practice mode and a Test mode
  • Generates stats with test results
  • No installation required


  • Simple interface
  • Stats could be improved

Not bad

Kana Trainer is a handy companion for all Japanese students. With this tiny, standalone app you can quickly practice Japanese kana at any time.

The Japanese language has two alphabets: hiragana, used to write grammar particles and transcribe rare kanji, and katakana, used to write words imported from other languages. Learning these two sets of characters is the first step for everyone who studies Japanese.

Kana Trainer helps you with this task in simple way. You can either practice the kana for as long as you like, or take a test to check your knowledge at any time. You can also choose the number of questions, and even add hints in the Practice mode.

Kana Trainer keeps a record of all your test results in order to track your improvements, but the truth is that those stats could be improved a bit.

With Kana Trainer you can easily practice hiragana and katakana.

Kana Trainer


Kana Trainer 0.2

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